Flowering Almond Standard

Flowering Almond Standard

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Delightful double, bright pink flowers covering every twig and branch in the Spring before the leaves emerg. Some say it looks like the tree’s head has been dipped in cotton candy!

They don’t produce almonds, but they do have a sweet almond-like fragrance. They require minimal maintenance; pruning should be done after flowering. Adaptable to most soils but it does need to be planted in an area with full sun. This is a magnificent plant for urban areas since it’s tolerant of city environments and pollution.


Size: 7 Gallon 
Type: Tree Standard
Water Needs: Moderate
Foilage: Green 
Flower: Pink in the spring / Yellow-bronze in the Fall
Flower Season: May
Light Needs: Full sun
Height: Approx. 9 feet

Spread: Approx. 8 feet
Growth Habits: Upright