Garden Design

Garden Design

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Make your dream backyard your reality! PFL is here to help make that happen!


Designs starting as low as $599!!


Our design expert will complete an on-site visit with you (COVID-19 safety measures in place), discuss what you're hoping for and what they suggest for your space. The design expert will create an in depth 2D design through Dynsascape including measurements, exact plant types and quantities needed along with any soil, gravel, turf recommendations.

*Once an on-site visit has been completed, a price will be determined for the design. 

  • Payment Breakdown

    $599 is paid through the online shop to secure an on-site visit. This is a deposit - the $599 will be put towards your designs final price once completed. If our design experts quote comes to higher than $599, the difference can be pain once design is finalized.

    Example; If your final design comes to $699, you will owe the remaining $100 once the design is finalized.